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3-D Anatomy for Tactical Shooting


The only true way to immediately stop a threat is to shut down the central nervous system, either instantaneously or by rapidly shutting down the blood flow for that system. This course will cover:


  • Human anatomy as it relates to shot placement and stopping power

  • Target areas on the human body to increase your odds of successfully shutting down the central nervous system

  • Vital areas of the body to target to stop the advance of a non-gun threat (impact/edged weapons, etc.)

  • Shot placement from various shooting positions

  • Shot placement when the attacker is in positions other than standing.


The results of a recent study covering ten years of shootings found that what mattered even more than caliber was shot placement. Across all calibers, if you break down the incapacitation's based on where the bullet hit you will see some useful information.


  • Head shots = 75% immediate incapacitation

  • Torso shots = 41% immediate incapacitation

  • Extremity shots (arms and legs) = 14% immediate incapacitation.


The verdict; no matter which caliber you use, you must hit something important in order to stop someone.

The fact is that armed innocent people are far more likely to encounter an attacker using contact weapons than they are an attacker carrying a gun. Being able to stop a potentially deadly attack by an attacker with an edged weapon without killing him is an indispensable skill to have.

4 Hours

$75 per person

Class size limited to 6 people

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