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Active Shooter Response

This course takes the approach that you and you alone are the ones who are going to have to be prepared to act should you ever find yourself in the middle of one of these tragic events. The course will cover:


  • The tools you will need to think thru the incident and make good choices to increase your odds of survival (OODA Loop).

  • When, where, and how to evade the killer

  • If you need to hide, what to look for and how to set up the space to give you the best chance to defend that space

  • If you must fight how to prepare not only physically but mentally

  • Fight, flight, and freeze responses

  • Alert color codes

  • Situational awareness

  • What to do if family and friends are present

  • The importance that prior planning plays in your survival

Unfortunately, in today’s world, all too often there are mass murder events happening at our businesses, restaurants, schools, houses of worship, and more. Even after years of government “Run-Hide-Fight” training innocent people are being killed because of deficiencies within that training. The average response time for police to arrive is six minutes.  The vast majority of these murders are over within four minutes, many lasting less than two minutes. You must have the mindset and skills necessary to survive the attack.

6 Hours

$100 per person

Class size limited to 10 people

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