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Protecting You and Your Loved Ones: Level 1

Do you have a realistic view of what a real-world violent attack will look and feel like? All too often traditional self-defense classes cover basic defensive techniques without exposing their students to what criminals are truly capable of during an assault. Level-1 is specifically designed to do just that and more. This course will cover:



  • Real-world criminally violent acts

  • Pre-attack indicators

  • Mentality of a criminal “They are not you!”

  • Avoidance, Avoidance, Avoidance!

  • How not to appear to be a victim

  • Proper awareness of your surroundings

  • How to plan ahead to avoid/escape an attack


The primary focus of the Level 1 course is to give you the tools to help recognize and avoid a violent attack before it happens. This is a hands-off class and a primer for Level-2 where we will address what to do when you have no choice but to fight.

4 Hours

$75 per person

Class size limited to 6 people

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