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Protecting You and Your Loved Ones: Level 2

In the Level 1 course we gave you the tools to help recognize and avoid a violent attack before it happens. But what if you can’t safely escape or you are caught off guard and must fight? No matter your age, size, strength, conditioning, or training is you will need the tools to survive. This course will cover:


  • Primary vs. secondary weapons

  • Why size, speed, age, and skill do not matter

  • Benefits of slow speed focused training

  • Three target areas

  • How to attack those area from different positions

  • How to compound injuries to stop an attacker

  • When it is safe to escape

You already have the tools to recognize a violent attack. Level 2 is designed to give you the basic tools to survive the assault if you cannot avoid it. This is a hands-on course, but it is NOT strenuous. All of the training will be conducted at a very slow, controlled, and methodical pace. Please wear comfortable athletic clothing.


*If you have any special medical concerns please call prior to enrolling to make sure accommodations can be made.

4 Hours

$75 per person

Class size limited to 6 people

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