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Self-Defense, the Law, and You

This course is an in depth look at the essential elements needed for a successful self-defense claim from the perspective of the criminal justice system. The course will cover:


  • The five key elements of self-defense

  • The castle doctrine

  • Stand your ground laws

  • Self-defense immunity

  • Gun free zones

  • The criminal justice process from the 911 call thru a jury verdict

  • Montana specific statutes, case law and jury instructions

  • Post incident interaction with the police

  • Analysis of the myths surrounding a recent high profile self-defense case and media intervention

The legal issues surrounding self-defense are the most often neglected and misinformed part of self-defense training. The media, law enforcement, and prosecutors routinely apply incorrect terms, tactics, and laws when reporting and applying them to lawful claims of self-defense. The truth is that it is your responsibility to know those laws and how to apply them before any deadly or non-deadly incident occurs. Ignorance of the law is not a defense in a court.


You have won the fight for your life. Are you prepared to defend your actions not only to the police but prosecutors and eventually in front of a jury and win? The knowledge gained from this course is not only critical for anyone who owns or carries a gun for self-defense but for everyone who plans for any type of self-defense, lethal or non-lethal.

8 Hours

$125 per person

Class size limited to 10 people

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